Our products:


Whether you need a flange for large water pipes, as an attachment for ships' engines, in steam turbines or in steel towers for wind turbine generator systems - our flanges provide a safe and stable link in a variety of fields of application.
The diameters of flanges that we manufacture lie between 400 and 5.250 mm. We are happy to produce non-standard flanges and tube sheets in line with your instructions and according to almost any standard in the world. Our products are in use in countless fields around the globe.


We manufacture:

  • flanges for wind turbine generator systems (tower flanges)
  • door frames and stiffeners for windtowers
  • flanges for generators
  • non-standard flanges in line with customer drawings
  • tube sheets in line with customer drawings
  • flame-cut parts with a sheet metal thickness of up to 300 mm
  • flanges according to DIN and EN
  • flanges according to ANSI and BS
  • dismantling joints and adapters for water/wastewater


The fields of application for our products:

  • wind turbine
  • generator systems
  • water power plant
  • pipe laying
  • container construction
  • apparatus engineering
  • the chemical industry
  • environmental engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • shipbuilding
  • the food industry


Selection of flanges manufactured by us in line with DIN/EN:



DIN standardEuro standard
blind flanges DIN 2527 EN 1092-1: Typ 05
vetilation flanges DIN 24154
shipbiulding flanges DIN 86044
agitator flanges

 DIN 28124

 DIN 28137

pipeline flanges  DIN 2573

 EN 1092-1: Typ: 01; 02; 04; 32; 33

 DIN 2576
 DIN 2641
 DIN 2642
 DIN 2673
container flanges DIN 28031
 DIN 28032
 DIN 28034
 DIN 28036
 DIN 28038




We manufacture rings, blanks, flange couplings and flanges in addition to flame-cut parts ...


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